The Boeing B-17 'Flying Fortress' was an American heavy bomber used by the allies during World War 2.


Other OperatorsEdit

  • Germany: Approximately 40 examples were captured and refurbished, of which about a dozen were flown by the Germans.[N 1]
  • Great Britain: The first operator to use - and lose - an example of the B-17 in combat. A batch of 20 B-17C aircraft were passed to the Royal Air Force as Fortress Mk Is during 1941.
  • Japan: Three examples - B-17Ds 40-3061 and 40-3095, and B-17E 41-2471 - were repaired using parts from other wrecks and test flown. All three appear to have been scrapped by the end of the war.



  1. The rest were presumably used for spare parts and to provide ground instruction


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