Avro Lancaster DS771,[1] powered by Hercules XVI engines[2] (The presence of windows in the fuselage indicate possible use of an Avro Manchester airframe)



Operational ServiceEdit





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  2. Robertson, Bruce. British Military Aircraft Serials 1912-1966. Ian Allen Ltd. 1967. Page 207

British Bombers
Torpedo Bombers
Fairey Albacore I Fairey Barracuda I Fairey Swordfish I Blackburn Shark I Vickers Vildebeest
Light Bombers
Fairey Battle I Bristol Blenheim I De Havilland Mosquito (Bomber versions) I Fairey Gordon I Hawker Hart I Hawker Hind I Vickers Wellesley
Medium Bombers
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley I Avro Anson I Bristol Beaufort I Handley Page Hampden I Blackburn Botha I Vickers Wellington
Heavy Bombers
Avro Manchester I Avro Lancaster I Avro Vulcan I Handley Page Halifax I Handley Page Victor I Short Stirling I Vickers Valiant I Vickers Warwick

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